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Headquaters Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA

Headquartered in La Jolla, CA, Sebastian Misas the founder operates a software development firm called Apps Global that has several unique apps on the AppStore. Sebastian created DocuCase with help of a couple partners, Brandon, and Kirk Bonham in the hopes of making the legal process easier, more organized, and efficient. With the ultimate goal of bringing more justice to the world.

Sebastian Misas - Founder, Chief Technology Officer

" We know the price point of these applications very well. We offer basic applications at a price point of $15,000 per platform IOS or Android. Our prices are very competitive. With that being said attorneys understand the value in having a personal application, but it can be difficult for an attorney to justify the expense especially if they are just getting started. This personal branded application will significantly lower the barrier to entry into the application market " - Sebastian

If the attorney is a personal injury attorney, for example, the application would allow accident victims to store pictures of the accident scene as well as keep track of medical bills, it could include tips for people who are injured, and the app would have all the attorneys contact details so that potential clients can reach them easily. Aside from brand exposure, engagement with prospects and lack of access to a growing market the app could provide tremendous value by simple file sharing to streamline day to day operations and social media sharing to encourage more referrals.

Kirk Bonham - Chief Partnership Officer

Our advisory board consists of Kirk Bonham a world-renowned mortgage broker that personally funded in excess of 4500 mortgages and a money manager for prestigious companies such as E.F. Hutton and Prudential Securities in the mid-eighties.