DOCUCASE: Mobile Apps For Law Firm. Attorney-Client Portal
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Your Brand. Your App.
Why Have An App?

Engagement with prospects.

  • Keeping track of calls for consultation fees can be a hassle, this feature has been built directly into your app. Engage with prospective clients by notification updates on new posts in your news feed or a custom message. More on push notification

Practice management built into your own app
  • You are the administrator with access to the portal allowing you to view clients documents, invoices, schedules, calls, notifications, metrics, and all aspects of case management right at your fingertips.

Scheduling, Reminders, and notifications for clients
  • What can be a daunting process for clients is transformed into a simple to understand, user-friendly platform, and a critical tool for the success of their case with reminders for important events.

Document and photo sharing
  • Sign documents, fill out forms, view secured documents, videos, and images. Scan documents, upload files directly from the most popular document apps like Dropbox and the cloud. Allow clients to easily share files with you, like important evidence for their case.

Aministrator managed news feed
  • Your news feed is like a blog that's enhanced with the ability to upload videos or images. Similar to social media you can keep your users informed on many topics like new cases won or new laws.

Increase Referrals
  • Organically get new clients from users that share your app through social media or SMS message. Encourage users to share for discounts or free consultations.

Client Retention
  • Impress clients by streamlining their legal process. Thanks to this app you will have a newfound effect on clients, encouraging retention, and more business.

Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Stand out from your average lawyer or firm. How many attorneys can claim to have their own application? Not many. Chose to be modern and see your business grow from this mobile solution that's manageable anywhere.

Gain access to a growing market
  • The signs are pointing to the continuous growth of the mobile market. People rely on their smartphones more than their PCs, it’s the perfect time for you to get into this mobile market.



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